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CET 4583 Lectures

Page history last edited by Dr. Ron Eaglin 11 years, 3 months ago

CET 4583 Lectures 


How Lectures Work


  Topical Lectures


So how does this class work? The most important part of the class is the assignments and project. They are the majority of the total grade of this class. Through the assignments and project you will be demonstrating that you know how to "do" the things things in the course outcomes (these are on the Home Page). The lectures all exist to help you be able to do these things. You are not required to watch them, however you are responsible for the material contained within the lectures (many students may be very familiar with the technical content in some of these lectures). Everything you need to complete the assignments and projects is contained in the lectures and the textbook.


  Additional Lectures


During the course of the semester I will also get requests to post lectures on specific topics or on how to do things that you will need to do for the assignments. These lectures will be added to the list of lectures and also will be linked from the assignment that generated the question. You should always feel comfortable asking for clarification and help. The best way to do this is within the bulletin board in the UCF WebCourses site. I also do my best to put all materials that help with the lectures on the lecture page (or the assignment page). So if you have asked a question on a lecture, the answer will often appear on that page - so check back regularly.


General Non-technical Lectures


The Next 5000 Days of the Web



General Technical Lectures


Steps for Successful Web System Development 

Transferring Files to a Server 

Using the W3C Markup Validation Service 

Project Management Using a Wiki





CET 4583 Lecture - XHTML Lecture 1

CET 4583 Lecture - XHTML Lecture 2

CET 4583 Lecture - Cascading Style Sheets 1

CET 4583 Lecture - Internet Accessibility Standards 

CET 4583 Lecture - XML Lecture 1





CET 4583 Lecture - Javascript 1 Introduction 

CET 4583 Lecture - Javascript 2 Control Structures

CET 4583 Lecture - Javascript 3 Control Stuctures Part II

CET 4583 Lecture - Javascript 4 Functions

CET 4583 Lecture - Javascript 5 Arrays

CET 4583 Lecture - Javascript 6 Objects



Dynamic HTML 


Dynamic HTML Objects and Collections 

Dynamic HTML Event Model 

Dynamic HTML Tabular Data Control  


Objects and Features of Browsers


Embedding Video into a Web Site


Flash and Adobe


Creating a Simple Animation Movie in Flash CS3


Database Lectures


CET 4429 - Applied Database II Lectures


Web 2.0 


Dive Into Web 2.0 From Deitel e-book link

What is Web 2.0 Video (Youtube)

What is a Mash-up Video (Youtube)



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